Open Your Chest : Wheel Pose

Not only do we do it in the routine of class in a Port de bras forward, but we also find ourselves forward over a computer or sitting forward reading the paper over a morning coffee.

Backbends counteract this constant forward bending, and they can invigorate, uplift and open your body. For dancers in particular, backbends are extremely helpful in increasing the extension of the spine for an improved cambré and arabesque.  

Try this Flexistretcher enhanced wheel pose to counteract forward bending and increase your spinal activity! 

Flexistretcher Wheel Pose


  • Place the foam center of the Flexistretcher around your shins and the loops around you wrists. 
  • Feet should be flat on the floor, close to your glutes and hip width distance apart. 
  • Keep your fingers pointing down towards your shoulders and elbows drawing in. 


  • Press firmly into the feet and hands to rise up to the crown of the head, then lifting into full wheel pose.


  • Performing the wheel with the Flexistretcher encourages you to stay active in the legs while opening deeply in the upper body.