Detoxifying Seated Spinal Twist

Rein Short Seated Spinal Twist

POSE: Seated Spinal Twist

SANSKRIT: Ardha Matsyendrasana 


  • Different leg variations include:
    • One leg straight, one leg bent /w foot flat on the ground
    • Flat foot can cross over straight leg
    • If both hips stay on ground, straight leg can bend in bringing it close to the opposite hip

From here, same arm as bend top leg sits as close to the tail bone as possible, bringing your other arm reaches to the outside part of the top leg to make a twist


  • To achieve the bind, hold the foam of the Flexistretcher with the top arm, threading that arm through the raised leg. Grab ahold of the foam with the other hand.

*Focus on lengthening the spine with each inhale, and twisting deeper on each exhale*