Strengthen and Stretch your Back with Dancer's Pose

Karen Uphoff for FLX

POSE: Dancer's Pose

SANSKRIT: Natarajasana


  • Stand firmly on one leg
  • Bend the opposite leg and place the foam of the Flexistretcher around the top of the back ankle, keeping the foot flexed
  • Hands are on each strap and next to your sides 


  • Begin to kick the back leg into the Flexistretcher as it rises behind you
  • As the leg kicks up and back, the torso can travel an equal amount forward
  • Using the Flexistretcher in this posture allows you to focus on opening through the shoulders and gain more length into the posture. 


  • Avoid "crunching" in the lower spine by staying lifted in the abdominals and opened in the chest and shoulders.


  • Gain more strength and flexibility in the spine 
  • Improved balance