Find More Length in This Extended Side Angle

POSE: Extended Side Angle

SANSKRIT: Utthita Parsvakonasana


  • Stance is like Warrior II, with one loop of the Flexistretcher around the back foot

  • Grab other loop with the back arm before extending it up and overhead, making a straight line from tips of top fingertips to the outside edge of the back foot

  • Front forearm comes to top thigh

Extended Side Angle


  • Try to avoid putting too much weight into the bottom forearm

  • Stay lifted in your side waists

  • Keep front thigh parallel to ground


  • For a fuller posture, bottom arm can come to the fingertips or palm just outside the right foot

  • If hand can’t reach ground outside of front leg, bring hand to a block on any height 


  • Strengthen for the lower body and side waists

  • Stretches legs, groin & spine

  • Increases stamina