Deepen Your Asanas with the Flexistretcher!


Rather than using static or flimsy exercise straps of the past that force you into position or may break in usage, the Flexistretcher combines stretch with durability.

Originally designed for professional ballet dancers and athletes, the Flexistretcher’s custom designed parts and adjustable straps are built to withstand daily extreme use. Utilizing elastic training methods when working with the Flexistretcher allows one to find a safe level of extension while increasing strength in the muscles to hold the position. Using the Flexistretcher to free your arms, find correct form, or deepen a stretch, challenges the muscles with in the position and takes your practice to new levels!

Here are a few ways the Flexistretcher can enhance your practice:


  • Adding the strap to any pose gives an added resistance and challenges the muscles in new ways. Hold the Flexistretcher at the center, shoulder width apart when executing Mountain Pose or Warrior 1 to draw attention to the reaching of your arms.

  • Improve flexibility with common poses such as the forward bend! Stand on the center of the strap and grab the loops in your hands. Fold forward as you pull up on the straps to intensify the stretch and really target those hamstrings.

Stretch your boundaries and increase your body awareness to evolve your practice to new levels!