Warm Up with this FLX-Inspired Vinyasa Flow

Did you know you can flow with the FLX Ball?

A Yoga Vinyasa Flow is enhanced when the FLX Ball is placed between the ankles. This use of the Ball prevents incorrect form especially in those individuals who are hypermobile and tend to collapse into the hypermobility of their arms and legs.

Try this flow with the FLX Ball!

Repetitions: 5 times, 1-2 sets.

Repetitions: 5 times, 1-2 sets.


  • Make sure to not over-arch the back or settle in to the flexibility of the shoulders.

  • Engage your abdominal muscles throughout the entirety of the fluid movement.

  • Hands are shoulder width apart with fingers spread wide.

  • Hug elbows into your side as you lower your body half way down.

  • As the upper arms roll out, the shoulder blades must be gliding onto the back in the downward dog pose.