Open Your Heart Through Bow Pose

For dancers in particular, backbends are extremely helpful in increasing the extension of the spine for an improved cambre and arabesque.  With this backbend you can increase spinal flexibility resulting in a more fluid arabesque and stronger more stable cambre in the upper back essential to many fundamental movements in classical ballet.

yoga bow pose Flexistretcher

Practicing this pose utilizing the resistance of the Flexistretcher is a great way to fully activate the muscles at your back, hamstrings, arms and abdominals all at once rather than using your arm strength to pull your self into the pose.

 Yoga Bow Pose with the Flexistretcher

  1. Lying facedown, bring both heels towards your seat. 
  2. Place the center of the Flexistretcher around the top of the feel and hold one loop in each hand.
  3. Pushing your feet into the strap, lift your knees off the ground while extending your arms towards the sky [or you can grab the strap as close to your feet as possible].
  4. Hold the stretch for 5-10 breathes. 

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