Get the Benefit of a Personal Assist with this Flexistretcher Yoga Pose

POSE: Downward Facing Dog

SANSKRIT: Adho Muhka Svanasana

Downward facing Dog


  • Begin in a forward fold with one Flexistretcher loop around each foot and foam center around the lower back. 


  • Walk hands out and keep hips lifted up and back to come into Downward Dog position
  • From here, check in with parts of your body:

    • Hands rooted down evenly

    • Lift forearms up and away from the mat

    • Lift bottom ribs close to your thighs and stay engaged in front part of torso

    • Reach heels down, straightening the legs if possible


  • The Flexistretcher releases in the lower back from the gentle additional pressure, feeling just as if you are getting a personal assist in class! 


  • Bend the knees or make feet wider for tight hamstrings

  • For tight shoulders, make arms wider


  • Elongates spine and releases tension

  • Deep stretch for the backs of the legs

  • Improves digestion

  • Strengthening for arms, back, fronts of legs