9-Day Flexistretcher Yoga Challenge


Head to our Instagram, @Flexistretcher, to take part in our 9 day, Flexistretcher yoga challenge.

 There are postures for every yogi, dancer, and athlete from beginner to experienced!   

DAY 1 DOWNWARD FACING DOG : Practicing this pose with a self assist from the Flexistretcher helps to lengthen the spine and encourage correct alignment. 

DAY 2  THREE LEGGED DOG : Three legged dog with the Flexistretcher helps maintain a neutral alignment in the pelvis while your legs are lengthening through the straps.

DAY 3 WARRIOR 3 : Pull up on the loops of your Flexistretcher while standing on the center of the strap to find complete activation in the backs of your arms and to maintain a full activation in your standing leg. Focus on keeping the hips square to the floor.

DAY 4 SEATED HEART OPENER : Use the Flexistretcher for extra lower back support and to guide you into a neutral pelvis.  Press the legs long through the straps as you lift through the upper spine.  

DAY 5 SUPPORTED LEGS UP THE WALL : Allow the legs to gently fall away from the body to release tension in the lower spine. 

DAY 6  STANDING SPLIT : The Flexistretcher helps to deepen this asana by gently assisting to bring the top leg higher. 

DAY 7 HEART OPENING LOW LUNGE : Place the center of the Flexistretcher under the back shin and take the loops in your hands. Press your hips forward as you press the straps up towards the sky finding a full spinal extension.  Focus on maintaining a full back bend by pressing up into the straps in order to avoid sinking and falling into the lower spine.

DAY 8  CAMEL : Place the Flexistretcher center under your shins and press your arms up into the strap as you back bend to achieve a full spinal extension. Focus on lifting the heart to the sky rather than sinking in the lower spine. 

DAY 9 WHEEL : Place the foam center of the Flexistretcher around your shins and the loops around you wrists. Performing the wheel with the Flexistretcher encourages you to stay active in the legs and keep the feet facing forward. 

This challenge shows multiple ways to incorporate the #Flexistretcher into your yoga practice! Follow along and tag us to join! Make sure to tag #FLXYogaChallenge and #Flexistretcher.

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