How to Improve Your Scorpion for Cheerleading

Adrienne Canterna Scorpion

Like most stunts in Cheerleading, the scorpion requires adequate strength and flexibility from the flyer to accomplish this amazing feat.

Whether flying at daring heights or on the ground, it is necessary to have sufficient spinal extension and hip flexor flexibility, as well as balance and stability to maintain the pose.

Utilizing elastic resistance training, combined with unparalleled durability makes the Flexistretcher the professional’s choice to incorporate into your daily routine.  Allowing one to simulate functional dance or sport specific movements, such as the Scorpion, improves execution and mobility. Adjusting the level of resistance, varying the number of repetitions, and changing the pace of the exercise, a strengthening program can be created to improve the necessary skills required to get you flying high with ease!         

Step 1) Make sure the Flexistretcher is adjusted properly and that you are holding on to a wall or something stable for balance.

Step 2) Place both loops around the center of your right foot.

Step 3) Bend the right leg behind you. Thread your left arm through the foam center and secure it around your left shoulder.

Step 4) Holding onto the wall or something stable, press your right leg into the strap lifting it up above the head. Slide your arms up the wall to stretch the front of the body in opposition to the leg. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat.

Step 5) As you progress with flexibility and strength try to hold onto the right foot while pressing into the strap. Make sure your weight is securely over the ball of the standing foot, and stretch up into the strap with equal effort on both hands and feet.

Step 6) Remove the Flexistretcher and fly free! With step 6, we send you on your way to accomplishing the scorpion of your dreams. 

Cheer Focus: Stretches for Toe Touches

Try this ballerina inspired stretch to improve your toe touch!

Middle Split

SET-UP: Begin by adjusting the loops of the Flexistretcher to make the straps shorter. In a seated position with your legs bent in close to you, place the foam pad around your upper back with the straps coming forward under your shoulders. Take each loop and place it on the corresponding foot.


  • Slowly extend your legs out to the side into a seated middle split.
  • Bend each side and fold your body forward to deepen the stretch.

REPETITIONS: Hold for 60 seconds.

SETS: 3-5 sets


  • Slightly bend the knees if the hamstrings are tight
  • Loosen the straps
  • Sit on a rolled up towel or block if you are rounding too much in the lumbar spine.


  • Press the legs long out into the straps.
  • Fully activate the legs by pulling up on the knees and finding a co-contraction of the quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • Activate the core.
  • Maintain a neutral pelvis.