Sport Stretching Guidelines to Follow for Maximum Results

Looking for the best results from your flexibility routine?  Make sure to apply the same diligence, dedication, and patience you would towards anything when looking for success. 

Runners Flexistretcher Stretch

Here are some guidelines consistent with the American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) that are important to follow and will help you attain optimal results.

Frequency: at least 3 times per week

Intensity: slowly stretching to a point of mild discomfort

Duration: Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds and work up to 30 seconds.

Repetition: perform each stretch 3-5 times.

Safety tips:

  • Stretch slowly and smoothly
  • Avoid bouncing
  • Maintain normal breathing throughout the stretch
  • Focus your attention on the muscles being stretched and try to limit movement in other body parts

Classical Ballet: A Physical Activity Akin to An Olympic Sport

Dancers must train like professional athletes to develop and maintain the muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance required of ballet in order to achieve longevity in their careers.

Supplemental stretch and strength training is crucial for the development of healthy, strong, and supple muscles required to sustain the daily demands of such rigorous activity as training to become and maintaining the life of a classical ballerina. The Flexistretcher intensifies the traditional stretch and strength routines used by ballet dancers of the past by utilizing elastic resistance training.  This is a commonly used training program among professional athletes because it enables specific movement patterns without the limitations of gravity.  In applying the training fundamentals employed by both dancers and athletes, the Flexistretcher becomes a beneficial apparatus in any fitness regimen.  

Originally designed by a professional dancer for use in some of the world's top ballet companies, the Flexistretcher is an indispensable component of any athlete’s fitness arsenal.  Harnessing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher safely improves flexibility, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch.

Jose Sebastian

Utilizing the elastic resistance allows variable resistance throughout out an exercise. As the band is stretched the resistance increases, and working against this resistance forces the muscle to respond with increased effort, which promotes muscle growth, strength, and power.  Performing a stretch or exercise with a variable resistance requires muscle activation throughout the entire range of motion eliminating the possibility of using momentum and 'cheat' your way through the movement.   

Using the Flexistretcher to simulate dance-specific or sport-specific movement patterns, isolates the necessary muscles needed, concentrating on improving power, execution, and mobility that will facilitate an athletes performance.  Actively working the muscles throughout the movement increases muscle strength in a safe, productive manner.  By changing the level of resistance by adjusting the loops, the number of repetitions, and the pace of the exercise, working with the Flexistretcher allows for a tailored strengthening program targeted towards general strength and conditioning, or improving the skills necessary for a enhanced sports or dance performance.