3 Essential Post-Run Stretches Every Runner Should Practice

There's nothing better after a long run than a relaxing, and much deserved, shower. Taking time to practice these vital stretches first will have your body thanking you later. Runners suffer from frequent stiffness in their lower bodies; hips, calves, hamstrings. By focusing on loosening these target areas, you can recover more quickly and be ready to jump back on the track!

Supine Hamstring stretch

1.  Supine Hamstring Stretch 

While practicing this stretch, remember to: 

  • Flex at the hip rather than the spine
  • Keep the back in contact with the floor
  • Keep the arms still and press down to the floor with the palms of the hands.
Low Runners Lunge

2. Runner's Lunge 


  • Position yourself in a lunge, with you left leg bent in front of you with foot flat on the floor, and right knee bent resting on the floor.  
  • Take both loops and put them around the back right foot.
  • Thread your left arm through the foam pad, placing it on your left shoulder. 


  • With both hands on the floor, gently press your right foot back into the resistance to deepen the stretch.
  • Release and then resume the stretch.  
One Legged Seated Forward Fold

3. Seated Hamstring and Calf Stretch


  • Sit straight up
  • Place the foam pad around the arch of your right foot
  •  Extend the right leg stretched out in front of you, and press the sole of your left foot on the inside of your right knee.


  • Keeping both hips square and the left leg pressed firmly into the ground, pull the strap taut to stretch your right hamstring and right calf.