American Ballet Theater Dancers Gear Up in FLX

With the rising popularity of luxury activewear brands using distinguished ballerinas from the top dance companies as spokespersons and models, there is a new line on the market actually designed specifically with the ballerina in mind.

FLX's Etoile Collection is making exclusive appearances all over the Instagram accounts of dancers worldwide.  As American Ballet Theatre took the stage during their summer season at the Metropolitan Opera House,  members ranging from the Corps de ballet to principal dancers weren't seen without pieces from this signature line.  

FLX founder Rachel Hamrick, creator of the dancers’ tool of choice for strength and flexibility training - the Flexistretcher - designed and launched the collection by drawing inspiration from aspects of the ballerina lifestyle.  Hamrick, a former professional ballerina who danced in companies around the world, designed from a need and tailored the design from her own experience.

“Traditional ballet costumes are extremely glamorous yet athletic at the same time ,” says Hamrick.  “There is a craving for tailored, functional and fashion forward every day garments that adhere to the line of the ballerina while complementing the body through hours of rigorous training.” - Rachel Hamrick, Designer and Founder

The Etoile Collection is taking activewear in an innovative direction with its first release, the Odile Vest.

Each Vest is made in NYC, immaculately constructed with contoured lines resembling that of a tutu bodice giving a tailored and sleek fit that dancers crave. Breathable mesh pieces are strategically placed with inspirations of a tutu skirt. Using latest in fabric technology, the vest is designed with neoprene scuba to keep the body warm without the weight along with other luxurious athletic wear fabrics that provide durability, moisture wicking and anti-odor capabilities.

The line also includes a variety of textures and styles of leg warmers and body warmers that can be worn a variety of ways, accommodating all workout styles - from yoga, to dance, to Pilates.  With more garments being released later this year, this collection is one to keep an eye on.