In class style: Check out Allison DeBona go-to warmups.

Our FLX Elite, Allison DeBona, First Soloist with Ballet West, stays warm during class and rehearsal in her FLX wear from head to toe! 

Allison stays warm during class and rehearsal in her Matte Odile Vest and Double Fleece Leg Warmers by Flexistretcher!

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Odile Vest. Brought to you by the Ballerina.

Designed by the ballerina and inspired by the glamorous and athletic aspects of that lifestyle. The ultimate 'studio to street' in luxury performance wear.   

odile vest

Adhering to the line of the ballerina, FLXbody takes luxury sport apparel in an innovative direction.  Each Vest is made in NYC, immaculately constructed and expertly contoured, to bring the elegance and athletic aspects of the classic ballet tutu to your everyday rehearsal, workouts, or street style. 

  1. Vest Lining:  Wicks away moisture, allowing the body to feel cooler, drier and more comfortable during a workout or rehearsal.  
  2. Contoured Construction: Immaculately contoured paneling for a tailored and sleek fit, inspired by the darting of a tutu bodice.
  3. Insulation: Utilizes researched, innovative insulation technology, with top thermal efficiency and durability performance.  
  4. High Collar: Adds an additional warmth with out the bulk that dancers crazy throughout their work day.  
  5. Mesh Interfacing: Lightweight, breathable back details inspired by a tutu skirt.
  6. Scuba: Keeps the body warm without the bulk, with functionality for ease of movement.  Molds to the body, ensuring maximum flexibility and sleek fit.  

 The Latest in Performance Fabric Technology: Provides durability, moisture wicking and anti-order capabilities.  Maintains warmth in wet and humid conditions, while enhancing breathability by allowing moisture to exit out and away from the body.  Perfect combination of fabrics that leave you feeling fresh from class, to rehearsals, to show time.

odile vest leather

  • DWR (Durable water-repellent): Finish sheds moisture, great for transitional street-to-studio wear.  
  • Insulation: Utilizes researched, innovative insulation technology and maintains thermal efficiency in wet and humid conditions.
  • Durable Warmth: Delivers consistent warmth by design to combat rigorous performance.  
  • Warm When Wet: Maintains warmth in wet and humid conditions and enhances breathability by allowing moisture to exit out and away from the body.
  • Resiliency: Keeps its original shape after repeated uses and prolonged storage.
  • Greater Warmth at Lighter Weights: Perfect for optimal functionality and performance.


  • Designed by the ballerina.
  • Inspired by the athletic and glamorous aspects of the tutu.
  • Invisible side zippers.
  • Contoured construction for a sleek fit. 
  • Compressibility - great for travel.
  • Street-to-Studio transitional wear.
  • Offset front zipper creates fashionable look.
  • One Size.

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Jovana Mirosavljevic in the Odile Vest

Jovanna shows us her ballerina style on the streets of NYC!

Get Jovana's look, shop the Matte Odile Vest here

Ballerina Style: As Seen in Class

Fashion sense, brought to you by the ballerina. 

This past week, the Matte #OdileVest made a few special appearances in the office spaces of ballet companies all over the world.  

Get the ballerina style for yourself! Shop the Matte Odile Vest here : Odile Vest

Instagram of the Week: Diana Vishneva

Spotted: The #OdileVest!  

Check out this gorgeous photo by Mark Olich (@markolich) of Diana Vishneva (@dianavishnevaofficial) rehearsing in her Matte Odile Vest by Flexistretcher, the perfect warm up to complement any costume at the gym or in rehearsal.

We also LOVE this video of Vishneva a few weeks back, rehearsing a menage in the Odile Vest:

American Ballet Theater Dancers Gear Up in FLX

With the rising popularity of luxury activewear brands using distinguished ballerinas from the top dance companies as spokespersons and models, there is a new line on the market actually designed specifically with the ballerina in mind.

FLX's Etoile Collection is making exclusive appearances all over the Instagram accounts of dancers worldwide.  As American Ballet Theatre took the stage during their summer season at the Metropolitan Opera House,  members ranging from the Corps de ballet to principal dancers weren't seen without pieces from this signature line.  

FLX founder Rachel Hamrick, creator of the dancers’ tool of choice for strength and flexibility training - the Flexistretcher - designed and launched the collection by drawing inspiration from aspects of the ballerina lifestyle.  Hamrick, a former professional ballerina who danced in companies around the world, designed from a need and tailored the design from her own experience.

“Traditional ballet costumes are extremely glamorous yet athletic at the same time ,” says Hamrick.  “There is a craving for tailored, functional and fashion forward every day garments that adhere to the line of the ballerina while complementing the body through hours of rigorous training.” - Rachel Hamrick, Designer and Founder

The Etoile Collection is taking activewear in an innovative direction with its first release, the Odile Vest.

Each Vest is made in NYC, immaculately constructed with contoured lines resembling that of a tutu bodice giving a tailored and sleek fit that dancers crave. Breathable mesh pieces are strategically placed with inspirations of a tutu skirt. Using latest in fabric technology, the vest is designed with neoprene scuba to keep the body warm without the weight along with other luxurious athletic wear fabrics that provide durability, moisture wicking and anti-odor capabilities.

The line also includes a variety of textures and styles of leg warmers and body warmers that can be worn a variety of ways, accommodating all workout styles - from yoga, to dance, to Pilates.  With more garments being released later this year, this collection is one to keep an eye on.



Find Your Inner Samurai with the Backwarmer by FLX

For decades, dancer’s have been searching high and low to find the ideal streamlined back warmer to add to their daily armor and successfully combat the demands of hours of rehearsals and practice. DIY, makeshift backwarmers are found in elite gymnast training centers and dance companies across the globe. FLX has heard and responded to this need with a desire to create what we’ve all been longing for.  

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Susan Jaffe, photo credit: Paul B Goode

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Susan Jaffe, photo credit: Paul B Goode

Within the dance world, the hunt to find the coveted and most perfect way to warm your back through hours of rehearsals is like trying to find a hidden treasure chest.

Well, listen up Huntsman! We have your piece of gold. After, years of perfecting and searching FLX has finally created the perfect body warming companion that will be every dancer’s most prized possession.

FLX Backwarmer. | FLX Model Jessica Saund. Photo credit: Renata Pavam

FLX Backwarmer. | FLX Model Jessica Saund. Photo credit: Renata Pavam

Traditions of maintaining the body warm in the face of high intensity physical activity has traces of beginning with the Japanese warriors, the Samurai.  Experts in Japanese medicine assert that backwarmers were worn for centuries under the samurai armour, and they are perfect for doing yoga, pilates, fitness and sport. Benefits even extend to pregnant women and work to keep vital organs such as the kidneys warm resulting in improvements to blood circulation throughout the body.

FLX takes these classic traditions and fuses them with our own innovative touches. We have specifically designed a backwarmer that is form-fitting with the latest in fabric technology providing ultra-warmth without the bulk along with wicking capabilities to absorb and resist sweat. The FLX Backwarmer gives warmth and support throughout hours of rehearsals, strenuous lifts and jaw dropping back bends that go into a dancer’s life.

Make the backwarmer part of your arsenal and don’t battle your rehearsal day without FLX by your side. Channel your inner samurai! | SHOP the Backwarmer

4 Styles of Leg Warmers to Keep You Warm This Fall

FLX brings the latest in fabric technologies and fashions to the traditional legwarmer with 5 different warmths to fill your dance bag this season.

These expertly designed leg warmers form and highlight the body and the needs of the dancer. With a sleek look and tailored design, you can be sure that you will stay warm without the bulk or clunkiness of a larger, traditional leg warmer.

Choose the fabric style that suits your needs best whether it be a more light, flawy want or a more luxurious and plush want. This style has 4 different materials for you to choose from:

  1. Double sided fleece: With the power of anti-wicking capabilities and double sided fleece, our warmest leg warmer gives you the warmth without the bulk. The longer length allows for better leg coverage for that streamlined physique that you crave.

  2. Satin fleece: This leg warmer provides an ultimate warmth with the latest in activewear fabric technology.  The thin, sheen outer side gives a clean aesthetic and hugs your muscles for optimal definition. It is essential to any ballerina’s bag and is durable enough to withstand any long rehearsal day.

  3. French terry: Imagine your favorite lounge sweatpants transformed into leg warmers, and you have our Heather gray warmer! Fashioned with a French terry fabric, the four way stretch capabilities allow for comfort and ease. It’s form-fitting line ensures that your muscles remain warm yet visible.

  4. Silky jersey: Our lightest warmer option takes the traditional knit warmer to a more luxurious and lightweight level. It is silky to the touch and comes in both ballet pink and a light heather blue.