4 Yoga Postures to Improve Your Splits!

Working on your splits? Practice these 4 yoga postures to help get into your splits or enhance your over-splits! 

1. HIP FLEXOR STRETCH // Place both loops of the Flexistretcher around one foot & the foam center of the Flexistretcher around the opposite shoulder. 

2. FLEXISTRETCHER LOW LUNGE // The foam of the Flexistretcher goes around your bottom shin, with each hand in a loop. Practice lifting up & out of the hips to safely stretch.

3. FLEXISTRETCHER OVER-SPLIT // Practice this over-split with the Flexistretcher to gently deepen your splits. For a demo on how to get into this posture, watch this how-to clip

4. SUPINE MIDDLE SPLIT // Coming from #Flexistretcher baddah konasana slowly recline back and extend your legs to the side. The Flexistretcher encourage the legs to fall open.