Flexistretcher Split Challenge!

Follow along with this Flexistretcher Split Challenge! Practice each exercise from beginner, to advanced and see where the power of elastic resistance can take you! 

Follow along! Practice each exercise, starting in the top corner of the photo grid! More descriptions below: 

DAY 1 : Seated forward fold. Begin this split challenge with a long and lengthened spine, directing your attention to the back of the lengthening hamstrings.

DAY 2 : Supine hamstring stretch! Lengthen the hamstrings to get closer to your splits with this reclined stretch. 

DAY 3 : Release the front of the hip flexor and thigh with this stretch. Try to use the strength of the back hamstring to direct your heel as close as you can towards your glute. 

DAY 4 : Heart opening low lunge! With the foam of the Flexistretcher around your back shin, hold onto a loop in each hand. Begin to extend the body backwards and open through the heart. Press into the straps for support in this deep backbend. 

DAY 5 : Flexistretcher low lunge. Allow the back heel to get close to the back glute while the hips continue to lengthen down towards the floor. 

DAY 6 : Flexistretcher front split! Begin in a lunge position. Take both loops and place them around the center of your back foot. Thread your OPPOSITE arm through the foam pad and place it on your shoulder. Bringing your hands to the floor, slowly lower the hips down towards the ground.

DAY 7 : Seated middle split : Begin with each foot in the loops of the Flexistretcher and the foam around your lower back. Slowly open the feet to each side, coming into the stretch.

DAY 8 : Seated middle split with a forward fold. From your Flexistretcher middle split, bring the torso foward to deepen the stretch! 

DAY 9 : Advanced middle split : If the last variation wasn't too intense, walk the body all the way out to be relaxed on the floor.

DAY 10 : Flexistretcher front split with a flexed foot. Feel more sensation in the hamstring of the front let by flexing the foot. 

DAY 11 : Flexistretcher over-splits! Have the Flexistretcher loops on each foot and the foam of the Flexistretcher around one shoulder. Walk the torso away from the legs, lifting the leg up that's on the side of the Flexistretcher.

DAY 12 : Relaxing forward fold. Have the foam of the Flexistretcher around the lower back for a gentle self assist in this hamstring stretch.

DAY 13 : Half bow pose : start your back-bending with one side at a time.

DAY 14 : Practice full bow pose for a deep back bend lift open the chest and whole front side of the body. 

DAY 15 : Dancer's Pose : Open the shoulders by brining both arms overhead with help from your Flexistretcher.