5 Cues When Practicing an Assisted Développé with the Flexistretcher

Performing an assisted développé with the Flexistretcher instills the correct placement and muscle activation for an extension to the side, allowing for the leg to move higher and engage the correct muscles to hold it there.  

Melanie Hamrick Flexistretcher Développé

Here are five things to watch out for and consider when performing this movement to get the most out of your Flexistretcher workout: 


  1. Beware of inversion of the foot- also referred to as a “sickled” foot. 
  2. Make sure you are not medially rotating the hip of the extended leg. Practice proper muscle activation to avoid having the entire leg turn inward.
  3. Avoid anterior or posterior tilting of the pelvis. 
  4. Keep your hips squared and both legs laterally rotated. 
  5. Keep pelvis in a neutral position and work on maintaining lateral rotation from the hip.