The Principle of Overload

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain goals and intent amidst our routine of exercises that we complete day in and day out. It is simple to just go through the motions. However in these moments, we need to remember the importance of completing the specific goal of each exercise with intent and correct form.

Melanie Hamrick
“All exercises require control through the full range of motion and initiating movement through momentum and allowing gravity to take over the completion of the movement should be avoided." -Jacqui Green Haas, author of Dance Anatomy.

With a renewed intent to complete exercises with control and maximum skill and efficiency, you can then take on the "principle of overload" to further increase your strength and work muscle groups past their normal load. 

As a dancer and athlete who is more attuned to the focus of each exercise, you maintain maximal contraction throughout the entire range of motion for a more effective routine.  This more efficient training uses fewer repetitions and more resistance, and it works your muscles to fatigue, giving you visible results in the areas you hope to improve.