Raising the Barre

Dancer's Weakness

To reach the top of the field and avoid injury, today’s dancers realize that an effective strength and flexibility routine is needed in addition to the daily grind of ballet class to advance and improve technique rather than only maintaining it. Repetition of movements incorrectly each day can hinder improvement and lead to overused muscle groups with eventual injury. To cope with the hardcore effects of injury, dancer’s often turn to Pilates and Physical Therapy. Yet, applying these same principles to your daily training routine can keep supple, agile muscles in full range of motion and improve functional strength. You can then avoid injury, stay in peak performance shape, and reach your maximum potential.

The life of a dancer is so rigorous with rehearsals 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. In times of fatigue is when weaknesses of the body are apparent, and the body is more prone to injury. How do you find a balance of maintaining the body and still advance physically and mentally?

Rachel Hamrick

Flexistretcher® products are the outcome of not only personal experience but researched training for ballet-specific movement patterns that adhere to the aesthetic required of the art form.

Why Flexi? 

  • The Flexistretcher, serves the needs of the professional dancer
    • They assist to maintain and further improvements in technique, keeping the body in its elite form and advancing to one’s fullest capabilities.
  • This is a training methods for dancers to combat weaknesses and muscle tightness. With these methods, professionals, students and any active individual can achieve the desired aesthetics for which dancer’s strive.
  • Portability. Whether at the studio, on tour, in the gym, or at home, Flexistretcher® products can go with you. 

Dancers today are constantly working to exceed the boundaries of dancers past and outstep the limits asked today. Incorporating these proven training techniques with Flexistretcher® products into your daily schedule can help your body to reach these limits and overcome them.  

Surviving in today’s dance world means keeping up with the fittest. Learn from dancer’s past and evolve with demands by avoiding injury and choosing to surpass your own expectations.