3 Ways to Improve Your Dance Technique with the FLX Ball

The inflatable FLX Ball is a perfect portable tool to add to your strength routine. This 9 inch portable ball adds a level of instability that challenges your muscles in a new way. The FLX Ball helps to:

flx ball foot focus



  • HOW? By utilizing the ball's surface and working against it you can strengthen the small intrinsic muscles of the foot. By strengthening these muscles you will be able to work in through your full range of flexibility and showcase your maximum point. 


SETUP :  Sit down with your right heel resting on the ground and place the FLX Ball under the toes of your right foot


  • Begin by pressing the toes straight down.

  • Continue by doming the arch.

  • Feel the arch pull up as your toes and metatarsals press into the ball.

REPETITIONS : 10 times

SETS : 2-3




flx ball for jumping
  • HOW?  The primary action of the toes is to propel the body forward. When jumping in classical ballet, we use the toes as a “push off” from the ground to gain height in the air. By building strength through the intrinsic muscles of the foot when pressing the foot into the ground and improving articulation when propelling the body up into the air you will improve the technique of jumping and see a much higher and quicker lift off.


SETUP : Sit down with your right heel resting on the ground and place the FLX Ball under the toes or your right foot.


  • With wide straight toes press down into the ball and hold for 5 seconds.

  • Aim to press with the back of your toes to keep the toes very straight.

REPETITIONS : 10 times

SETS : 2-3



  • HOW? When looking to gain leg height in classical ballet technique many bad alignment habits can take over to try to achieve the desired position. Specifically when trying to improve extension to front one might tuck the pelvis under, round at the spine or roll in at the foot and ankle of the standing leg. These happen as a result of weak abdominal muscles. By strengthening the abdominal muscles and performing exercises that mimic the movements required of classical ballet technique you can improve strength and correct muscle activation so that bad habits do not take over and you can focus on achieving a well placed high leg to the front.

flx ball ab work


Scissors with the FLX BALL: use the FLX BALL to help lift the shoulders off of the ground and take any tension out of the neck. Perform this exercise with the legs externally rotated. 20 times for 3-5 sets.

flx ball flexion

Abdominal Flexion with the FLX BALL: use the FLX Ball to help lift the shoulders off of the ground. Extend back over the ball and then return lifting the shoulders up and gazing in at your belly button. Try with both legs up and externally rotated and then for more a targeted approach lower one leg towards the ground (about 5 inches from the ground) and perform 20 “crunches”. Rest and repeat with other leg up. 3-5 sets.