How to Improve Coordination, Balance and Strength

Working against the resistance and instability of the FLX Ball creates better body awareness and enforces controlled active movements. Actively contracting key muscles to initiate or complete a movement will result in improvements in form, function, and strength.  Performing your exercises this way without use of momentum or gravity to complete a movement will allow for a more beneficial and efficient workout. 

This FLX Ball exercise is great to work on improvements in coordination, balance, and strength.


Sit down with both legs long in front of you. Place the FLX Ball under the back of your ankles and press down to stabilize. Lift hips and hold yourself up with your arms.


Lift one leg up to the front and place it back on the ball.

Switch legs. Lift other leg up to the front and place it back on the ball.

REPETITIONS: 10 each leg.

SETS: 2-3


  • Press your arms into the ground to lift out of the shoulders. 
  • Actively engage your core to stabilize and to initiate the leg kick to the front.
  • As your leg presses down into the ball; pull up on the thigh and feel the hamstring engage by lifting up into a co-contraction of the quadriceps and hamstrings. 

CHALLENGES:  Add a développé motion to the exercise with external rotation.