11 Ways You Know It's Nutcracker Season

You know it's Nutcracker season when...

  1. You can’t get Waltz of the Flowers out of your head.

  2. You are more afraid to slip on a stage covered in snow than a sidewalk.

  3. Thanksgiving is less enjoyable when you have to fit into a leotard the next day.

  4. You now have a 6 pack (thanks to the FLX Ball) to fit into your Arabian costume.

  5. “Sorry, I can’t.”  ...because Nutcracker.

  6. Your social media feed is flooded with pre-show selfies.

  7. Your flexistretcher is your prized posession for that pre-show warm up.

  8. By the end of the show run, you are in killer shape and can’t wait to feast on all the holiday treats.

  9. All. glitter. everything. 

  10. Snow days don't mean a thing when you have a dress rehearsal to run to.

  11. Tripping over little Ginger children in the dark wings is the norm.

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