Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dancers

It's that time of year again!  In a bind and can't think of gift ideas?  

Here's your complete guide to holiday shopping for the dancer, yogi, or athlete in your life!

  1. THE FLEXISTRETCHER // There is a reason this is the professional dancer's tool of choice for strength & flexibility training.  Utilizing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher stretches while simultaneously strengthening muscles as they stretch. This training tool is great for beginner to more advanced poses in ballet technique, including side extensions, arabesques, middle splits & grand rond de jambe. Lightweight, durable & portable, this is the perfect gift for the dance bag. 

  2. THE ODILE VEST // This vest is a Rockette favorite & the perfect addition to every ballerina's winter wardrobe.  This Odile Vest is designed by the ballerina and inspired by the glamorous and athletic aspects of the tutu. The contoured lines of the front of the vest create a tailored and sleek fit. Made with the latest in fabric technology, the vest is designed with luxurious athletic wear fabrics that provide moisture wicking and warmth without the bulk. Comes in Matte & Leather! 

  3. MASSAGE BALLS // Newly designed & better than ever! The  innovative set of balls consists of different sizes and strengths.  The balls work by assisting with myofascial release.  This type of trigger point therapy treats the pain associated with knots of contracted muscle fibers, and is used by physical therapists to stretch and loosen the fascia to allow for limbs to move more freely, thus restoring motion. The best part?  They fit right into any dance bag.  

  4. INFINITY BALL // Get rid of your old tennis ball & foam roller! the innovative FLX Infinity Ball is portable and durable, making it the perfect massage tool! It's unique design, portability, and durability makes it the perfect massage tool to effectively release muscles, alleviate pain, and restore mobility.

  5. FLX BALL // From achieving 6-pack abdominals to working the muscles of the feet, the FLX Ball will be your dancer's BFF.  Working against the instability of the ball requires a full muscle activation - this increases an exercise's effectiveness by activating key muscles necessary to complete the movement. Often when executing simple exercises such as an abdominal curl, the body compensates to complete the movement by force, incorrect form, recruiting incorrect muscle groups, and gravity.  Reach your performance potential by eliminating these compensation techniques. Add ease to your class or performance warm up with the FLX Ball - the key to a quicker, more efficient workout.