How This Ballerina Stays in Shape With Her Ongoing Battle Against Breast Cancer

Maggie Kudirka, also known as the Bald Ballerina, was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer in June 2014.  During the time of her diagnosis, Maggie was dancing professionally with Joffrey in NYC.  Since then, she has moved home to Maryland to undergo surgeries and treatments to keep the cancer at bay. Maggie continues to receive maintenance treatments once every three weeks, while still continuing to perform as much as she can with companies in the Maryland area.

As an avid Flexistretcher user, we invited the Bald Ballerina to attend our FLX Conditioning Specialist Training in NYC this past summer to learn strength and conditioning techniques, methods & best practices with FLX products to help keep her strong and in shape between treatments. Now as a FLX Elite Ambassador, Maggie teaches FLX master classes all across Maryland and continues to stay in shape for her upcoming performance season American Dance Institute in Washington, DC. 

Check out Maggie's complete ballet conditioning routine, brought to you by the Bald Ballerina - and her pup, Roxie!