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Lauren Wingenroth of Dance Magazine says : "Pros like ABT's Melanie Hamrick and English National Ballet's Anjuli Clarke swear by the Flexistretcher for improving extensions and maximizing flexibility. It's a bit of a splurge, but you can't put a price tag on a perfect arabesque, right?" 

Images : Melanie Hamrick on set with Marie Claire Magazine, rehearsing with the FLX Infinity Ball, prepping for Sleeping Beauty in the Odile Vest. 



WHEN : JUNE 24TH & 25TH 

TIME : DAY 1 - 130PM-6PM // DAY 2 - 130PM-630PM

WHERE : BATTERY DANCE (380 Broadway # 5, New York, NY 10013)


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"Training days are always better with my #Flexistretcher ❤" -- @peytonmacdonald

"Warming up with the amazing vest by @flexistretcher !!!" -- @la_scheller

" I ❤️ my Flexistretcher! " -- @makennamiller

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11 Ways You Know It's Nutcracker Season

You know it's Nutcracker season when...

  1. You can’t get Waltz of the Flowers out of your head.

  2. You are more afraid to slip on a stage covered in snow than a sidewalk.

  3. Thanksgiving is less enjoyable when you have to fit into a leotard the next day.

  4. You now have a 6 pack (thanks to the FLX Ball) to fit into your Arabian costume.

  5. “Sorry, I can’t.”  ...because Nutcracker.

  6. Your social media feed is flooded with pre-show selfies.

  7. Your flexistretcher is your prized posession for that pre-show warm up.

  8. By the end of the show run, you are in killer shape and can’t wait to feast on all the holiday treats.

  9. All. glitter. everything. 

  10. Snow days don't mean a thing when you have a dress rehearsal to run to.

  11. Tripping over little Ginger children in the dark wings is the norm.

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The ULTIMATE Dancer Gift Guide

Survival of the Fittest

Dancers today realize supplemental training in addition to daily class is necessary to survive in the evolving dance world.

Katie Boren for FLX

To reach the top of the field and avoid injury, today’s dancers realize that an effective strength and flexibility routine is needed in addition to the daily grind of ballet class to advance and improve technique rather than only maintaining it. Repetition of movements incorrectly each day can hinder improvement and lead to overused muscle groups with eventual injury. To cope with the hardcore effects of injury, dancer’s often turn to Pilates and Physical Therapy. Yet, applying these same principles to your daily training routine can keep supple, agile muscles in full range of motion and improve functional strength. You can then avoid injury, stay in peak performance shape, and reach your maximum potential.

Ballet is akin to any Olympic sport and as such today’s dancer must train like an Olympian. Taxing demands are placed on a dancer’s body; thus, waiting for an injury to instill these exercises will not advance you further but simply revert to pre-injury form. The life of a dancer is so rigorous with rehearsals 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. In times of fatigue is when weaknesses of the body are apparent, and the body is more prone to injury. How do you find a balance of maintaining the body and still advance physically and mentally?

Professional ballerina turned entrepreneur, Rachel Hamrick, speaks on injury from experience. She realized these ideas regarding training and recovery after undergoing a serious abdominal surgery that decreased her spinal mobility.  Jumping back into ballet class as quick as possible, she soon discovered that she was not improving technique but instead compensating for the weakness and practicing incorrect form. Hamrick discovered that the most effective way to regain her body’s strength was to form a new perspective and re-train her patterns of movement.  Immersing herself in Pilates, Yoga, Strength Conditioning, and Kinesiology she worked to apply the knowledge of these methods in dancing. She noticed a difference in her body and began seeing positive results in her strength and flexibility. Upon joining dance companies abroad, Hamrick found it difficult to find the same accessibility to Pilates, Yoga, Physical Therapy exercises, and Sports Trainers. The language barrier and busy rehearsal/touring schedule left little room to cross train how she had been right after surgery. In response, Hamrick began creating tailored exercises with portable equipment that she could execute on a daily basis in the studio, theatre, or hotel room that offered the same results she had experienced in her strength and flexibility.

Flexistretcher® products are the outcome of not only personal experience but researched training for ballet-specific movement patterns that adhere to the aesthetic required of the art form. Serving the needs of the professional dancer, they assist to maintain and further improvements in technique, keeping the body in its elite form and advancing to one’s fullest capabilities. Hamrick’s extensive experience has allowed her to create training methods for the professional ballet dancer to combat weaknesses and muscle tightness. With these methods, professionals, students and any active individual can achieve the desired aesthetics for which dancer’s strive. FLX®’s training methods and products were created to help face the demands of the ever evolving ballet world. Dancers today are constantly working to exceed the boundaries of dancers past and outstep the limits asked today. Incorporating these proven training techniques with Flexistretcher® products into your daily schedule can help your body to reach these limits and overcome them.  Surviving in today’s dance world means keeping up with the fittest. Learn from dancer’s past and evolve with demands by avoiding injury and choosing to surpass your own expectations.  

With the Flexistretcher®, your limits are endless. Are you ready to stretch your boundaries?

Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dancers

It's that time of year again!  In a bind and can't think of gift ideas?  

Here's your complete guide to holiday shopping for the dancer, yogi, or athlete in your life!

  1. THE FLEXISTRETCHER // There is a reason this is the professional dancer's tool of choice for strength & flexibility training.  Utilizing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher stretches while simultaneously strengthening muscles as they stretch. This training tool is great for beginner to more advanced poses in ballet technique, including side extensions, arabesques, middle splits & grand rond de jambe. Lightweight, durable & portable, this is the perfect gift for the dance bag. 

  2. THE ODILE VEST // This vest is a Rockette favorite & the perfect addition to every ballerina's winter wardrobe.  This Odile Vest is designed by the ballerina and inspired by the glamorous and athletic aspects of the tutu. The contoured lines of the front of the vest create a tailored and sleek fit. Made with the latest in fabric technology, the vest is designed with luxurious athletic wear fabrics that provide moisture wicking and warmth without the bulk. Comes in Matte & Leather! 

  3. MASSAGE BALLS // Newly designed & better than ever! The  innovative set of balls consists of different sizes and strengths.  The balls work by assisting with myofascial release.  This type of trigger point therapy treats the pain associated with knots of contracted muscle fibers, and is used by physical therapists to stretch and loosen the fascia to allow for limbs to move more freely, thus restoring motion. The best part?  They fit right into any dance bag.  

  4. INFINITY BALL // Get rid of your old tennis ball & foam roller! the innovative FLX Infinity Ball is portable and durable, making it the perfect massage tool! It's unique design, portability, and durability makes it the perfect massage tool to effectively release muscles, alleviate pain, and restore mobility.

  5. FLX BALL // From achieving 6-pack abdominals to working the muscles of the feet, the FLX Ball will be your dancer's BFF.  Working against the instability of the ball requires a full muscle activation - this increases an exercise's effectiveness by activating key muscles necessary to complete the movement. Often when executing simple exercises such as an abdominal curl, the body compensates to complete the movement by force, incorrect form, recruiting incorrect muscle groups, and gravity.  Reach your performance potential by eliminating these compensation techniques. Add ease to your class or performance warm up with the FLX Ball - the key to a quicker, more efficient workout.

How This Ballerina Stays in Shape With Her Ongoing Battle Against Breast Cancer

Maggie Kudirka, also known as the Bald Ballerina, was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer in June 2014.  During the time of her diagnosis, Maggie was dancing professionally with Joffrey in NYC.  Since then, she has moved home to Maryland to undergo surgeries and treatments to keep the cancer at bay. Maggie continues to receive maintenance treatments once every three weeks, while still continuing to perform as much as she can with companies in the Maryland area.

As an avid Flexistretcher user, we invited the Bald Ballerina to attend our FLX Conditioning Specialist Training in NYC this past summer to learn strength and conditioning techniques, methods & best practices with FLX products to help keep her strong and in shape between treatments. Now as a FLX Elite Ambassador, Maggie teaches FLX master classes all across Maryland and continues to stay in shape for her upcoming performance season American Dance Institute in Washington, DC. 

Check out Maggie's complete ballet conditioning routine, brought to you by the Bald Ballerina - and her pup, Roxie!

Flexistretcher Creator Talks Top 3 Questions She Gets About Stretching

Rachel Hamrick

Flexistretcher Creator & FLX Founder Rachel Hamrick is a former professional ballerina and fitness guru with certifications ranging from yoga and Pilates to TRX training. Hamrick's extensive dance and fitness background, knowledge of somatics and personal experience helped her develop the Flexistretcher, the dance professional's tool of choice for strength and flexibility training.  

Because Rachel works closely with professional dancers and fanatics in the field of fitness, she gets a lot of questions about a variety of topics; ranging from ballet technique to injury prevention.  Of course, as the inventor of the Flexistretcher, inquiries about stretching best practices is always at the top of the list.  

Check out the top 3 most common stretching questions she gets from Flexi-fans!

Q: Why should I stretch?

A: Hamrick Says...

Stretching is a simple and effective way to enhance athletic performance, decrease the chance of injury, and minimize muscle soreness.

When you increase range of motion in joint you increase the distance the limbs can move and contract. By improving flexibility you reduce risk of injury because your joints are better able to move through their full range of motion.

This can improve the muscle’s power, and your ability to actively control the muscles, resulting in a better execution of movement and an enhanced performance.

Other added benefits of stretching are improved posture, improved circulation by increasing blood flow to the muscles, increased energy levels, reduced muscle tension, and stress release.

Q: What are the dangers of poor flexibility?

A: Hamrick Says...

Tight stiff muscles limit normal range of motion and interfere with correct muscle actions. This can greatly increases the chance of becoming injured and is why you must keep up with a daily stretching routine. 

Q: I stretch. Why am I not seeing results? 

A: Hamrick Says...

Stretching is not a one time magic wand.  The benefits of stretching can be accomplished when flexibility training is applied professionally and diligently over an extended period of time. Do not expect miracles from a stretching routine it takes time, dedication, and determination!

Dance Spirit Magazine: Pre-Plié Warm up Series with Rachel Hamrick

Dance Spirit Magazine featured Flexistretcher creator and FLX Founder, Rachel Hamrick, to dish out some training tips on how to implement an effective warm up routine before class, rehearsal or performances.  

Hamrick says...

"The warm up works to slowly increase the heart rate and blood flow in the body in order to prepare the body for class and/or rehearsal."

#FLXintoFall This Season: A Dancer's Work-Ready Tool Kit

Soon the leaves will be falling and the days will get shorter, and work is just around the corner. It’s back to school, back to work, back to the studio.

It’s time to #FLXintoFall.

With FLX products - Flexistretcher, the FLX Ball, and FLX Massage Balls - you can take on the Fall with force and ensure that you bringing your greatest and strongest self forward. We have the tools to help you successfully take on the season with finesse and force.

The FLX Conditioning Package is all you need to get in shape!

All of these tools are compact and portable allowing you to keep up with your conditioning exercises anywhere this Fall season.

  • The Flexistretcher: Harnessing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher safely improves flexibility, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch.

  • FLX Massage Ball Kit: When the muscles get tight they can start pulling over time, which can cause the muscles to work improperly and can lead to injury. You can self-massage with these differently sized balls by placing the ball under your feet or calves and roll until you feel a tight spot and hold for 30 seconds.

  • FLX Ball: The FLX Ball is a perfect portable tool to add to a strength routine! Its 9 inch surface adds a level of instability that challenges your muscles in a new way.The FLX Ball assists the body to achieve correct form.

  • ADVANCED STRETCH - DVD: This DVD contains an advanced series of exercises and stretches designed specifically for athletes, dancers, and advanced recreational exercisers.

  • Foot & Ankle Band:  Latex-free band for foot and metatarsal strengthening. 

  • FLX Resistance Loop: Perfect for strengthening those turn out muscles. 

  • Mesh Carrying Bag:  For carrying all your tools for an anywhere-anytime workout.


We are giving away a FLX Conditioning Pack & some apparel from the Etoile Collection this week for #FLXintoFall!  Follow us on Instagram to learn more - @Flexistretcher & @FLX_NYC.