4 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Old Tennis Ball

Tennis balls for massage have met their match, FLX Massage balls.

Dancers and athletes dedicate themselves to a routine where repetitive movement patterns rule their routine in order to reach a desired goal of improvement.

With repeated movements, certain muscles are constantly recruited, leading to muscle knots of contracted muscle fibers known as trigger points. Myofascial release is a technique of stretching these trigger points so you can move more freely and with an increased range of motion.

Self myofascial release or trigger point pressure release involves applying pressure with a finger or other instruments to the trigger point and increasing the pressure as the trigger point "releases" and softens. In order to target the deep fascia where the tension has harbored and formed, it is necessary to use a ball whose size, material and shape can withstand intense amounts of pressure.


  1. Shape & Size // FLX Massage Balls size and shape allow you to effectively target the trigger point especially in hard to reach places such as the bottom of your foot, back and hip flexors.

  2. More durable // FLX Massage balls come in a variety of shapes and density, all durable for long-term use.

  3. More effective // The materials of a tennis ball keep it from withstanding large amounts of pressure

  4. No bruising // Other balls like a golf ball are too firm and can bruise the muscle’s tissue

These three small FLX massage tools are your answers to self massage. Lightweight, durable, and portable FLX Massage balls and Infinity ball are perfect for home-use or to throw in your bag to take with you anywhere, anytime.