Pro Pilates Teacher Tells Us 3 Reasons Why The Innovative FLX Infinity Ball Is A Must Have:

New York based Pilates teacher, Daron Wehle, tells us 3 reasons why the new innovative FLX Infinity Ball is a must have for any fitness level! Daron is a former dancer who is certified in Pilates through the Kane school and currently teaches at Physio Logic in New York City and Pilates of Sag Harbor in the Hamptons.


  1. PORTABILITY // The infinity ball is supportive like a foam roller as well as pinpointing the spots of tension like a lacrosse ball would do. Essentially it’s a two in one tool that is way more portable than your average foam roller.

  2. EFFICIENCY // When using the infinity ball for the upper back, place the ball on either side of the spine. You'll find you can release both sides of the spine equally as opposed to when you have to continue to transfer a “regular” ball from one side to another.  It's a great way to release the upper traps and lats equally and safely. The infinity ball helps to release the back bilaterally while regular balls can't.

  3. IMPROVES MOBILITY // Tight muscles can pull over time. Daily use of the FLX Infinity ball helps to release tension and improves your range of motion.