FLX Massage Balls Make the Perfect Gift!

FLX massage tools were created to provide rolling release without the bulk, each designed specifically to target trigger points and effectively alleviate areas of tension.  FLX Massage Balls are the gift that will keep giving all year long!


  • SHAPE AND SIZE  // FLX Massage Balls size and shape allow you to effectively target the trigger point especially in hard to reach places such as the bottom of your foot, back and hip flexors.
  • PORTABILITY // Unlike a bulky foam roller, all the FLX Massage tools fit easily into your dance or workout bag.

  • MORE DURABLE  // FLX Massage balls come in a variety of shapes and density, all durable for long-term use.

  • MORE EFFECTIVE  // The materials of a tennis ball keep it from withstanding large amounts of pressure

  • NO BRUISING  // Other balls like a golf ball are too firm and can bruise the muscle’s tissue


Many dancers are unaware of the importance of rolling out after class and performances.  Investing in quality massage equipment is key to avoid these common dance ailments

  • Painful points of tension in the leg or foot

  • Tendonitis

  • Tight hip flexors

  • Injury from overuse

  • Lack of flexibility

  • Post-workout soreness

Avoid Pain and Regain Flexibility with FLX Massage!