2 Foot Exercises with the FLX Infinity Ball Recommended by Pro Pilates Teacher

New York based Pilates teacher, Daron Wehle, lets us know her 2 go to exercises with the FLX Infinity Ball! Daron is a former dancer who is certified in Pilates through the Kane school and currently teaches at Physio Logic in New York City and Pilates of Sag Harbor in the Hamptons.

Being a former dancer some of Daron’s favorite exercises with the FLX Infinity Ball are for the feet. Try these exercises daily to improve mobility and avoid tight muscle build up on the bottom of the foot:

Metatarsal Flexion:  

  1. Place the ball of the foot on the Infinity ball.

  2. Firmly plant the heel on the ground and widen the foot.

  3. Keep the width of the foot, and exhale as you point and flex your toes over the ball.

Gentle Rolling and Release:

  1. Stabilize through your standing leg.

  2. Place the Infinity Ball under the ball of your other foot.  

  3. Exhale as you roll the ball towards the heel and then back to the toes.

  4. Pause and apply pressure at any points of tension.