2019 GOAL : A better Arch

3 exercises to improve your arch and pointe work. Try these exercises to strengthen and release the muscles of the feet!

FLXball Metatarsal Press

SETUP: Sit down with your right heel resting on the ground and place the FLX Ball under the toes or your right foot.

ACTION: With wide straight toes press down into the ball and hold for 5 seconds. Aim to press with the back of your toes to keep the toes very straight.


SETS: 2-3

FLX Massage Ball Release

Practice this self massage technique both before and after class. Slowly roll the ball under each foot, pausing and breathing when you find points of tension.

Flexistretcher Foot Press

SETUP : From a supine position, place one foot into the center foam of the Flexistretcher, making sure the ball of the foot is on the strap.

ACTION : Slowly press through to demi-pointe and then returned to a flexed position.


SETS : 2 -3