2 Key Exercises to Improve your Arch

Because of the continual impact requested of the feet in dance, fallen arches or improper technique at this part of the body can impact the entire alignment of the body and contribute to acute or chronic injury at the ankle, knee, hip, and/or back. Strengthening the muscles of the foot is incredibly important, which can result in a greater sense of balance and stability, better alignment, and more supple feet for greater artistic expression. 

Try these FLX-inspired supplemental foot strengthening exercises to improve your arch, jump, and pointe work!

Metatarsal Press with the FLX Ball

Metatarsal Press

SETUP: Sit down with your right heel resting on the ground and place the FLX Ball under the toes or your right foot.

ACTION: With wide straight toes press down into the ball and hold for 5 seconds. Aim to press with the back of your toes to keep the toes very straight. 


SETS: 2-3

Plantar Flexion

Plantar Flexion

Focusing on correct aligmnent and strengthening the instrinsic mucles of the foot. 

Action : Shape the FLX ball and hold for 10 counts. 10-15 SETS.

Dancer: Julia Lipari Photography: Nathan Sayers