Flexible Feet with Self Massage

Rolling and self massage are important parts of any dance or athletic program. Just like stretching you should roll every time you dance or exercise.  

Flexible Feet


  • Some light rolling before a workout will activate muscle fibers and bring blood to the areas that will be utilized during the activity. 
  • Releasing tension in your lower leg and foot will help to alleviate pain and regain flexibility and strength. 
  • Tight muscles can start pulling over time, which can cause the muscles to work improperly, leading to injury.
  • Tight muscles of the foot and ankle will decrease flexibility and limit the full range of motion that a dancer could move his\her foot.
  • Got tendonitis?! Applying these rolling techniques can help accelerate the healing process and when implemented into a daily routine can help avoid tendonitis due to repetitive strain as seen in many dancer related cases.  

When rolling with the ball apply self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques by rolling on the ball until you feel a “trigger point -  knotty, involuntary contractions of muscle bundles”, pause and hold for 10-30 seconds.  

FLX Massage Balls

Avoid applying pressure on bones and joint and just focus on the muscle. This pressure will help to release knots and tightness in the muscle. Implementing rolling into your routine is very beneficial for dancers and athletes and can:

  • aid in preventing injuries

  • physically de-stresses your body so it can work more efficiently

  • increase flexibility

  • increase blood flow, which helps for faster recovery from workouts

  • reduce soreness from workouts