#FLXElite: Jovana Mirosavljevic

Get to know one of our #FLXElites, Jovana Mirosavljevic, professional dancer and owner of Backstage Dance Store! Check out this quick Q&A about everything, from her favorite costume to Jovana's personal motivation. Want to learn more? Follow Jovana's instagram @jovanamirosavljevic to stay up-to-date.

  1. Who/what inspired you to start dancing? When I was three years old I saw “l’Etoile” (ou La danseuse sur scene), painting by Edgar Degas. I just explained to my parents that that’s me.

  2. Tell us your faves!

    1. What’s your favorite Ballet?  “In the Middle,Somewhat Elevated” (But there are so many that I adore). If classical, let’s say “La Bayadere”.

    2. Role to dance?  I loved dancing Carmen , but I enjoyed so many other non classical roles more.

    3. Stage you have danced on? Sidney  Harman Hall, Washington DC, and stage of Croatian national theatre, always in my heart.

    4. Ballet costume?  Definitely my Carmen costumes by Michal Negrin, israeli fashion designer.

    5. Place you have travelled to? NYC, always.

  3. What gives you inspiration? Nowadays, strength , challenge, overcoming the obstacles.

  4. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career? Two and a half years ago, when I had a “career ending” injury, which all of a sudden turned into my biggest strength.

  5. What motivates you?  My new dance life, second chance, my new life outside of dance, love, friends, family, GJUUM, Patrick Rump, and lately Stuart Loungway.

  6. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?  That I lift heavy weights and that I actually eat a lot!

  7. Pre-performance routine? 30 minutes nap is a must, then make up and hair, GJUUM warm up, warm up class, some Flexistretcher, and I’m ready.

  8. Favorite non-dance hobbies? Modeling has always been my favourite hobby, and I was lucky enough to make it into much more than a hobby.

  9. Go-to cross training outside of the studio?  My only training “religion” is GJUUM.

  10. Words to live by?  #doit

  11. You can ask six famous people to dinner – who would you invite? Stromae, Forsythe, Sylvie, Christy Turlington, Marion Cotillard and of course Audrey if she was still alive...

  12. If you could partner with any celebrity, who would it be? Stromae, but if we’re talking about dance celebrity then I was already lucky enough to dance with Darion Christopher Flores, who is , trust me, about to become a huge ballet celebrity.

  13. If you could turn any movie into a ballet, what movie would you choose? “Closer”

  14. Best piece of advice?  Just love yourself enough to live this life exactly as you want it.

Behind the Lens: Get to Know FLX Photographer Renata Pavam!

Love our photos? Most of the photography you see on our website & social media is from our FLX photo shoots with premiere dance photographer, Renata Pavam.  Pavam has an eye for dance photography, coming from a ballet background.  Did you know she used to be an American Ballet Theatre company member? Get to know our star FLX photographer in this exclusive Q&A!

Left to Right: Renata Pavam (Photographer), Adrienne Canterna (Bad Boys of Ballet), and Rachel Hamrick (FLX Founder)

Left to Right: Renata Pavam (Photographer), Adrienne Canterna (Bad Boys of Ballet), and Rachel Hamrick (FLX Founder)

What inspired you to photograph? 

I definitely always liked taking photos. I love looking back at them after a while. But after I saw a fellow dancer's photos, (Rosalie O'Connor) I started thinking I really wanted to take it seriously. I loved the backstage feel of ballet. Everyone looks so beautiful in their hair and make up, how can you not want to take a photo?! So I got a camera and started playing around with my colleagues from ABT. Then I realized I actually loved it, and was kinda good at it!

How do you bring your background as a dancer to photography? 

Dancers are very critical and perfectionist. You have to be. You're in front of a mirror all day long looking at whatever you're doing wrong, and how to fix it. So that's what I do when I take a photo. I never think it's good enough, always trying to make it better. I try to pay attention to every detail. I think that comes from my life as a dancer. And when I shoot dancers, I can help them out and say what position looks good or not. It's like I’m their mirror and they trust me.

Your favorite shooting locations. Go.

I loved the shoot we did at the Dream Hotel. A lot of different places to get a good photos. I also love rooftops, especially in NYC. I'm sure it would be amazing to do a shoot at the Paris Opera. It's such a gorgeous building. Maybe someday.

If you could photograph anyone, who would it be?

Sylvie Guillem! At any point of her career. She's just such an amazing creature. She's not from this world, and there's no one like her.

Check out some of our Renata-FLX favorites below!