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The Bald Ballerina, Maggie Kudirka. | PC: Andrew Holtz Photography

The Bald Ballerina, Maggie Kudirka. | PC: Andrew Holtz Photography

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Regaining Strength & Flexibility After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I began using the Flexistretcher and FLX Ball about a year ago to try to regain the flexibility and strength I had lost when the breast cancer metastasized to my bones.


 It was devastating to discover that much of the flexibility in both my extension and my back were greatly diminished.  How could something I had worked years to build disappear so quickly?Then a very good friend recommended I try Flexistretcher and FLX Ball. I had only seen super-flexible dancers using it and I wondered whether it could help my body whose spine, sternum and pelvis were damaged by cancer.  

I began using them regularly and saw results from the very first day.  


They helped my body find the proper alignment and regain the strength I had lost.  I began really believing that I could indeed return to dance. This lifted my spirits almost as much as seeing my breast tumor shrink following chemo. Cancer teaches you to become very tuned in to your body.  You learn some days are better than others, and it is better to take it easy on bad days so that you can really push yourself on the good days.  

Because of this, I don’t have a set Flexistretcher routine: much depends on how my body feels and what else I have to do that day.  Sometimes I just stretch, other times I really focus on strengthening exercises. I try to use it in the morning before ballet class, but that doesn’t always happen because sometimes I am running late. In that case, I try to use it later in the day.  If it is a beautiful day, I like using the Flexistretcher on my deck in the fresh air and sunshine to get some natural Vitamin D.  Sometimes my dogs join me. One of the best things about Flexistretcher is its versatility.

While it certainly helps dancers and gymnasts, it’s also beneficial for pretty much everyone.

This past summer, my mom had trouble regaining quad strength following total knee replacement surgery. She also wanted to increase her range of motion beyond the average post-op standard so she could return to her yoga practice. I asked Rachel to suggest ways my mom could use Flexistretcher to help with these problems. Rachel came up with a great exercise program that my mom followed religiously.  She found it more helpful than physical therapy which had caused a great deal of inflammation and did not help with expanding range of motion.  

Thanks to Flexistretcher, her quad strength returned very quickly and so did her range of motion. At her six week follow-up, her surgeon was so impressed with her progress, he told her to stop physical therapy and continue with the Flexistretcher.  You don’t have to be a dancer or super flexible to use the flexistretcher products. They can help anyone who is trying to cross train, work out, rehab an injury, recover from surgery, or get stronger after chemotherapy.  Flexistretcher and FLX Ball truly worked miracles in my body.

In October we FLX in PINK! Shop & support the Bald Ballerina with her ongoing fight against Metastatic Breast Cancer. 100% of PINK Flexistretcher sales this month will go directly to this fearless warrior & her treatments.