Flexibility. Strength. Beauty. Rhythmic Gymnast Ronit Shamuilov!

We love FLX Model Ronit Shamuilov because she is a rhythmic gymnast and athlete with all the traits we admire:

Control. Endurance. Strength. Flexibility. And dedication to her passion.  

A resident of Brooklyn, Ronit trains at Isadora Rhythmics in New York. Now a senior level gymnast, she is the 2014 U.S ribbon champion in the USA Gymnastics Championship.  We met up with Ronit last year in Central Park with FLX photographer Renata Pavam and had an amazing time shooting around NYC. Her flexibility, grace and strength is inspiring and is a perfect fit with our other fantastic FLX Models. 

Ronit is a rhythmic gymnast on the rise, and we can’t wait to see where her next front walkover takes her!  You can check out Ronit’s Athlete page on the USA Gymnastics site, here.