#BarreTalk: Anthony Javier Savoy of Dance Theatre of Harlem

1.) Go-to cross training fix? Aside from dancing, I love Pilates and any advice from one of our company teachers  Charla Glenn.

2.) What’s your favorite part of class? Adagio—I love to let me legs be free. 

3.) Morning must-have before work? A nice, hot shower. That's the best way. Can't forget about a good cup of joe!

4.) Finish this sentence: I can’t live without... the theatre, my Flexistretcher and Bloch booties (Thanks, Maxim and Irina!)

5.) Favorite warm up? How do you wear it? My new favorite warm up is my Leather Odile Vest by FLX NYC and I wear it zipped up to start class and as the day goes it gradually begins to open up. I even wear it out on the streets during break, just to keep my body from cooling down too much in between breaks.