Barton Cowperthwaite: Contemporary Dance Sensation

" is, as I see it, a form of poetry for which physical prowess is merely a means but surely not an end.  Dancers who get stuck emphasizing only the athletic aspect of dance seem to have only one note they strike repeatedly.  They appear to be shouting all of the time.  It’s the difference between yelling and singing. Barton sings. It’s a choice.”  - Lar Lubovitch

Take 5 & Get to Know FLX Model Barton Cowperthwaite!

  1. His formal ballet training started at age 13 when he was accepted into Denver School of the Arts.  He attended University of Arizona as a Dance Major, aided by both dance and academic scholarships.
  2. He graduated cum laude with a BFA in dance one year early in May 2013. In his time at UA he performed many works including the principal male roles in George Balanchine’s Allegro Brillante and Rubies.
  3. Barton transitioned immediately upon his graduation into working with Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys of Dance as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet.
  4. He was involved in the creation process of a pas de deux with Alessandra Ferri choreographed by Fang Yi Sheu, where he stepped in for Hermon Cornejo when he was injured.  
  5. He earned the Principal role in Lar Lubovitch’s new work The Black Rose performed at The Joyce Theater.

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