Exclusive Interview! ABT Ballerina & FLX Brand Ambassador, Melanie Hamrick

We sat down with FLX Model Melanie Hamrick to get the inside scoop on her training, professional career, and personal faves.  Read about this ABT ballerina and her life in the big city!

FLX: Where did you train?  

MH: I began training with Sandra Ballestracci in Virginia and then at 12 years old, I went away to Kirov Academy in DC.  I studied there for five years before joining American Ballet Theatre.

FLX: When did you start dancing professionally?  

MH: I joined ABT at age 17.  I was asked to join the ABT Studio Company while attending their summer program. I spent five months with the studio company and joined the main company (ABT) for their MET season the same year.

FLX: What’s your favorite role that you have danced with ABT?   

MH: I really loved dancing Olympia in ‘Lady of the Camillias’.  I loved the acting and taking time to develop my character.

FLX: What’s your favorite thing about performing?

MH: Being on stage.  I love when I can go on stage and dance my heart out, while feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

FLX: What is your favorite costume for a performance?

MH: Lady of the Camillias or the Fairy tutus from Sleeping Beauty. 

FLX: What is your post-show craving?

MH: Mexican food...I also just love a great hamburger and fries!

FLX: Where has been your favorite stage you have danced on?  

MH: The Met in NYC!

FLX: How has the Flexistretcher helped you?  

MH: It has really helped me increase my flexibility.  I used it daily in school because my extensions were only at 90 degrees and today it is a constant in my dance bag!