8 Lengthening Exercises To Add To Your Warmup!

This series is one of our favorites to perform daily with the Flexistretcher!

1️⃣ Legs Up // to release lower back
2️⃣ Parallel To First Position (with the feet) // to work on "turning out from the legs"
3️⃣ Legs Up Plie // keep the heels firmly pressed together throughout this movement
4️⃣ Happy Baby // feel the thighs drop as close to the floor as possible all while pressing the feet up into the strap 2 inches
5️⃣ Middle Split Prep // practice only straightening one leg out to the side at a time
6️⃣ Supine Middle Split // press the legs long into the straps for full muscle activation
7️⃣ Supine Middle Split Open & Close // press the longs long to draw the heels together and then with control, open back to your supine middle split
8️⃣ Back Release // Finish with the feet on the floor with the straps coming through the inside of your legs to release the spine