Improving Front Extension

Here is a great exercise to practice engaging your abdominals to achieve a higher front extension. By strengthening your abs and learning to maintain a stable standing leg with this Flexistretcher exercise, you can improve your extension by learning to stabilize with your core.


Lying on your back, hold the Flexistretcher by the elastic shoulder-width apart, and pull your hands away from each other, creating a resistance. Arms are straight up toward the ceiling with the strap right over your chest. Bring your knees up over your hips to a tabletop position.


Extend legs toward the ceiling and lift your head and shoulder off the mat, reaching toward your legs, and gazing in at your belly button.

Lower one leg down to a high diagonal, with the other touching the elastic.

Hit the elastic twice with the leg up, while the other reaches long.

Switch legs and hit the elastic twice, keeping your arms in a fixed position, with hands pulling away from each other, and maintaining the resistance in the elastic.

Repeat 8 times.   

Advanced Variation:

For an added challenge, raise your arms back by your ears, keeping the tension pulled in the elastic. Pulse your legs without hitting the band, and keep your gaze in at  your belly button.


Maintain a neutral spine and pelvis.

Keep your arms above your chest.

Use your abdominal muscles to pulse the leg and do not move your arms.

Watch out for!:

Incorrect alignment by tucking the pelvis under and using momentum by 'swinging' the leg to complete the movement.