4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Stretching Routine

Looking for the best results from your flexibility routine? These 4 stretching tips, when followed on a regular basis, will help you see results.

Flexistretcher Middle Split

1.) Frequency

Actively stretch at least 3-5 times per week.  It is important you practice your stretching routine often if you are looking to achieve results.  Stretch on your own before your workouts or class as a part of your warm up and after class as a part of your cool down.  

2.) Intensity

Slowly stretch, find your edge and never work to a point of serious pain. Stretching with a prop, such as the Flexistretcher, will allow you to increase resistance and intensity of a stretch when performed correctly.   Facilitated stretching with the Flexistretcher is an active way of stretching that engages isometric contractions to achieve greater flexibility. Utilizing elastic resistance allows for a variable resistance throughout out an exercise, not relying on gravity, and requires muscle activation throughout the stretch.  This muscle activation challenges the muscles, allowing a full range of motion.

Take it up a notch! The shorter the straps are adjusted the tighter the tension, raising the intensity of the exercise. Working against this resistance forces the muscle to respond with increased effort, which promotes muscle growth, strength, and power.

3.) Length

Hold each stretch for at least 10-15 seconds while slowly working towards more lengthened stretches.  Holding a stretch for the proper amount of time is key to effective, efficient flexibility training.  Holding a stretch for a very short period of time may defeat the purpose, while holding a stretch too long can exhaust muscles with potential to cause injury.

4.) Repetition

Perform each stretch 3-5 times.  With respect to the length and intensity of a stretch you perform, performing a stretch multiple times will allow for you to go deeper into a position.  


  • Avoid bouncing while performing a stretch.
  • Maintain normal breathing throughout each stretch.
  • Focus your attention to releasing the stretched body parts and try to limit movement elsewhere in the body.
  • Incorporate stretching into your warm up and cool down routines.