Effectively strengthen your abdominals with the Toe Taps

Keeping a neutral pelvis during an abdominal focused exercises will effectively target, fatigue and strengthen the muscles you are focusing on.

This exercise is great to practice while focusing on maintaining a neutral pelvis and avoiding strain in the neck.

With the portability of the FLX Ball, you can do this exercise anywhere and is great to implement into you warm up!

SETUP: Lying supine on the floor, place the core ball under your sacrum at your lower spine. Legs are bent with feet flat on the floor and arms are long by your sides with palms face down.

ACTION: Lift one leg to tabletop then the other.

Keeping the abdominal muscles engaged slowly lower one leg towards the floor and return to your starting position.

Switch legs.

REPETITION: Repeat 15-20 times.

SETS: 3 

CUES:  Watch out for your hips rocking side by side and make sure to avoid tucking the pelvis.  Keep a table top position with your knees over your hips.


Dancer Focus and Benefits:  Increased abdominal strength helps to stabilize the core and can assist in improving turns and balance.

Focus on engaging the abdominals to return the leg back to starting position and this can greatly help to hold the leg to the front at increased heights.

LEVEL:  Beginner-Intermediate