2 Cool Down Stretches to Beat the Summer Heat

Those high summer temperatures got you feeling slow and lethargic? Take 5 to cool down with these invigorating and restorative stretches. A cool down regimen is especially important to counteract lactic acid buildup that causes stiffness and soreness, as well as cramps and muscle spasms. With the elastic resistance power of the Flexistretcher, you won’t be feeling slow or sore anymore!


With this pose, yogis feel the benefits of a lengthened spine, stretched hamstrings and an invigorated  nervous system.  Dancers receive these same benefits, along with added improvements in extreme leg movements such as developpé or grand battement.

Make sure to hold for 10-15 counts. 


  • Actively hug the legs together and press them into the floor.  
  • Pull up on the knees and lengthen through the heels.
  • Keep elbow hugged into your sides and drawing back as you fold forward.  
  • Pull hips back and down.


While in this position practice the PNF stretching technique contract-release by contracting the hamstring as you push the leg into the strap and then releasing as your arms resist the motion.


  • Maintain the tension for the duration of the exercise.
  • Press long through the elastic.
  • Keep the hips square and firmly grounded to the floor.
  • Flex at the hip rather than the spine
  • Keep the back in contact with the floor
  • Keep the arms still and press down to the floor with the palms of the hands.