10 Reasons the Flexistretcher Makes the Perfect Gift!

What makes the Flexistretcher top the holiday wish lists of dancers & athletes everywhere?  

Here are 10 reasons the Flexistretcher makes the perfect gift this holiday season:

  1. The Flexistretcher is a researched approach to strength & flexibility training. The inventor of the Flexistretcher is former ballerina and fitness enthusiast Rachel Hamrick, who developed the product after a devastating injury put her dance career on hold. Her invention is a combination of training methods, researched technologies and measured resistance for the most efficient & effective flexibility & strength workout. 

  2. It is a facilitated stretching technique that safely stretches while strengthening muscle groups. While working with a Flexistretcher, a facilitated stretching technique is applied, allowing the user to ‘actively stretch’—engaging isometric contractions through out the stretch to achieve greater flexibility.

  3. It is a multi-purpose training tool. The Flexistretcher’s size & shape allows it to be used in full body stretches (such as a ballet arabesque), but it can also be adjusted to target specific, smaller body parts (such as shoulders or hamstrings). 

  4. It's widely used & preferred by the professionals. The Flexistretcher is the professional dancer's tool of choice for strength & flexibility training.  It can be found in the dance bags of ballerinas in a number of esteemed companies, including American Ballet Theatre, StaatsBallett Berlin, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Dutch National Ballet and Royal Danish Ballet, to name a few. 

  5. The Flexistretcher doesn't allow you to cheat the movement. Utilizing the elastic allows for a variable resistance, not relying on gravity and promoting muscle activation throughout the exercise.

  6. It creates a more efficient yet effective workout. As the strap is stretches the resistance increases, the muscles are challenged to respond with increased effort which promotes muscle growth, strength and power. 

  7. It's the only stretching strap you'll need for a while. Built to withstand the daily use of professional dancers and athletes, the Flexistretcher’s sturdy construction and custom designed parts are guaranteed to last!  

  8. It goes perfect with other FLX products. The Flexistretcher can be purchased as a part of the FLX Ballet Conditioning Package - a bundle of portable, durable training tools to target all areas of the body.  Give yourself an abomdinal boost and enhance foot strength with the FLX Ball, or roll out muscle groups after a workout with FLX massage. 

  9. The Flexistretcher isn't just a tool for dancers.  It is used to enhance training programs in a variety of sports & fitness routines - from synchronized swimming & gymnastics, to yoga, Pilates & soccer! 

  10. Did you know you can become certified in FLX training methods? Whether a yogi, ballerina or fitness enthusiast, you are now able to learn the researched, scientific approach to working with the Flexistretcher & other FLX products by attending the regional training program!  For application details and upcoming training information, email admin@flxnyc.com.