Benefits of the FLX Ball

Abdominal strength plays a key role in any training routine. For a dancer a strong core can help with your turns, jumps, and flexibility! For an arabesque movement you not only have to have back flexibility and strength but must have the counter contraction of the abdominals to successfully perform the movement correctly.

Strong Abdominal muscles stabilize the spine and help to prevent lower back pain. Certain movements such as an arabesque require spinal hyperextension. In these cases the potential for related injury can be reduced with appropriate co-contraction of the abdominal muscles so that the amount of hyperextension is limited and controlled,  emphasizing the length of the entire spinal curve. Many people with a hyper mobile back naturally sink and relax into the lumbar spine causing stress. Creating flexibility through out the entire spine requires the development of extreme abdominal and upper back strength that can take years to develop. A good imagery exercise is to think of the spine creating a continuous long arch rather than allowing yourself to sink into the lumbar region.

FLX Ball

Being all about flexibility and strength, the FLX BALL is the perfect portable toy for your gym bag! This 9 inch inflatable ball is perfect to put in your bag and whip out for a 5 minute abdominal workout. Performing abdominal exercises with the FLX BALL targets the abdominal muscles in a way where your abs will be shaking after 20 seconds. Now you will never have the excuse to not do your daily abs!