Inspired by the glamorous and athletic aspects of the ballerina lifestyle. 




Professional ballerina turned entrepreneur, Rachel Hamrick, received her classical ballet training at the Kirov Academy and danced professionally for Dutch National Ballet, Hungarian National Ballet, Universal Ballet, Orlando Ballet, and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal. After a decade of dancing internationally, her career was disrupted by an emergency operation that left her spinal extension and mobility drastically reduced.  In her pursuit to regain flexibility and re-sculpt her own form, she embarked on a mission to better understand anatomy, kinesiology, and its applications to dance-specific movements and overall functional health. With a Pilates, Yoga, and Strength Conditioning certification under her belt, she started working with clients of all ages and flexibility levels to help increase their range of motion, strength, and anatomical awareness. The first Flexistretcher prototype was formulated out of a need to help the professional ballerina, but because of a global wide spread demand has expanded and proven beneficial for, all styles of dance, athletes, pilates, yogis, and anyone looking to enhance flexibility and maximize strength. Rachel’s extensive experience provided her with the ability to create tailored exercises ideal for functional sport/dance specific training programs utilizing elastic resistance for optimal results.